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ByErica Pierce

How To Buy An Orchid Plant?

If you are buying the orchid plants for the first time, you should try to get as much information as possible to identify the healthy plants. You need to know what type of orchids to look for and where to find them before starting the task of buying the orchid. Consider the environment which you will be able to provide to the plant and select the orchid variety accordingly. Buying orchids which are incompatible with the environmental conditions of your area will end up in a disaster.

orchid plants

  •         Buy from experienced growers

The best place to find the orchid you need is to approach the orchid growers in your area or from reputable nurseries. It is better to find nurseries which specialize in growing orchids. There are online forums which can give the right guidance for growing the orchids. You can ensure the quality of the plant when you buy from reputed growers.

  •         Inspect the orchid plants

Take time to inspect the plants. Do not buy plants which are already in bloom. The blooms may be produced by excessive fertilizer application. Make sure that the roots of the plant are well established in the growing medium by shaking the plant near the base. The leaves of the orchid plant should be green and hard. Any significant discoloration and holes on the leaves indicate pest problems. Wrinkled leaves on the plant may indicate exposure of the plant to cold temperature or lack of proper watering. To ensure that new stems will grow from the plant, look for growth bulbs on the orchid plant. The growth bulbs should be healthy, hard and plump. My friend from Steele Carpet Cleaning found a beautiful orchid at Airdrie orchids and they were very helpful. Check them out if you’re in the Airdrie area.

The best choice will be the plant with some opened and some unopened flowers. Plants with flowers without spotting are healthy. Care should be taken to provide the same conditions as that of the space the orchids were growing when you take them to your home. The orchid plant will require some time to adapt to new conditions. Providing proper care during the adaptation period will help the plant to stay healthy.

ByErica Pierce

All You Need To Know About Growing Orchids

Orchids are preferred by plant lovers for the beauty of the flowers and the lasting nature of the blooms. As they are costly plants it is necessary to know about how to grow them in a healthy way before you add them to your plant collection.

  •         Select the right variety

Different orchid plants will have different needs to grow healthy. The light, humidity, and temperature requirement are different and hence you need to select the orchid variety which will be able to survive in your weather conditions. Any person starting to grow orchid should look for varieties which are easy to grow and maintain. You also need to consider the blooming frequencies of the variety if you want orchid flowers regularly in your garden.

  •         Look for infections

Orchid plants are prone to diseases such as brown rot, black rot, yellowing of leaves etc. Watch the plants regularly for any change in the health of the plant. The infected plants should be isolated and should be treated. Excess exposure to sunlight will cause the leaves to turn yellowish.

  •         Use the right growing medium

Orchids do not require soil for their growth. They need an appropriate potting mixture. Bark and sphagnum moss are the most appropriate medium for growing orchids as they allow the air to move between the roots and to drain the water easily. Using regular soil will cause the roots to suffocate and eventually the plant will die. According to the growing medium selected water the orchids once in a week or once in two weeks. Moss has more water retaining capacity than bark.


  •         Feeding requirements

Orchids need very little fertilizer for healthy growth. Adding too much fertilizer can damage the plant. It is better to supply the orchid plant with a strong solution once in a week can ensure proper growth and flowering. The fertilizer should be applied after watering the plants. Applying fertilizers on dry roots can damage the plant. You need to use balanced fertilizer containing the essential elements needed by plants.

  •         Providing right temperature and light

Orchids are native to Asian countries which have a tropical climate. Hence, they need warm temperature and moderate sunlight for proper growth and producing beautiful blooms. Keep the orchid plants well hydrated when growing in warm areas. Keep the plants in areas which receive indirect sunlight throughout the day.

ByErica Pierce

Tips On How To Grow Orchids Outdoors?

The orchids are a great addition to the outdoor garden and they are not difficult plants to grow. These orchids add beauty and attraction to an ordinary looking garden by its incredible flower colors, shapes and scents. Many believe that the orchids are very difficult to grow and bloom. But, on the contrary, these plants are easy to grow all over the world. They need proper care and attention in order to grow fast and to bloom. There are over 30,000 species of orchids and are mainly grown for the beautiful and attractive flowers. The pods of the vanilla orchid are used to add flavor to food, especially the bakery products.

Growing orchids outside

Grow orchids outside is not a difficult task. The following are some of the tips that you need to follow if you are looking to grow orchids in your garden.

Research on orchids

The first thing you need to do is to research on the orchids that will do well in your area. Research online and find out which species of orchids are listed in the area where you are. This is an easy way to know the kind of orchids you can grow in your garden without any inhibitions. The weather, climate, the soil and the surroundings have an impact on how the orchids grow.

Taking the orchids outdoors

It is very important to move the orchids that you are growing inside to the outdoors only after the winter season and the freezing temperatures are done with. Moving the plant outdoors during the frost season or winter season might result in the death of the plant.

Watering the orchids

As the orchids are exposed to the sun and air when placed outside, you need to make sure that it receives more water than what it received when it was indoors. Using mulch is a good option to keep the soil moist and also to keep the weeds away.

Orchids need better lighting

It is important to place the orchids in a shady area outside where it will not be exposed to a lot of light when you are moving the orchids from the indoors to the outdoors. You will have to slowly and gradually acclimatize the orchids to a great light intensity and as the time goes, you can move it to areas where there is very little shade. Placing them under shade cloth in direct sunlight will help them to grow better.

Preventing insect attacks

Add natural neem oil or horticultural oil and a few drops of the dish washing liquid to water and mix well. Spray this prepared liquid on the leaves of the orchids in order to keep the insects from attacking the plant. This has to be done once every 2 ½ to 3 weeks’ time. It is better to grow the orchids in hang pots or baskets that are lifted from the ground so that no pests can easily get access to the pots.

ByErica Pierce

Different Ways To Style Your Home With Orchids

Orchids are ideal flowers for decoration as they bring an exotic look and feel to your home. Not only are they varied in looks and have a refreshing aura, these flowers can stay fresh for a long time, unlike other flowers that lose their freshness overnight. Here are some creative ways you can freshen up your home with such flowers, whether it is a special occasion or when you simply wish to decorate your home for everyday glamor.

Style Your Home With Orchids

Here are some creative ideas to explore

  • If you have an empty seashell or a glass bowl waiting to be used for décor purposes, use the same to decorate a foyer area with the help of dry weeds or grass and by sticking a few stems of orchids in them.
  • An accent can be created for your bathroom by putting a classic orchid branch in a transparent glass vase by the window sill.
  • If you have pots that can be shown off, use them to plant fresh florals in them. These will last even longer than cut stems of orchid flowers.
  • For a vintage look and a step or two of orchid flowers to a vintage vase that contains indoor plants. Place it on the window sill of your bedroom or bathroom for a classic look.
  • Any kitchen or dining table scene can be instantly transformed by adding orchid arrangements to such areas. Even casual scenes come to life and take on a gorgeous look with the long stemmed orchids arranged in vases or pots.
  • Beautiful white orchids in a natural décor pot can add a tropical look and feel to your living room. You could make it a centerpiece in your living room as well.
  • Add on orchids in large outdoor pots that you might have by the corners of a patio or porch area. These will last longer and would add to the natural beauty of such outdoor spaces in your home.

The above points highlight several ways orchids can be used to decorate your home. These flowers last longer and add a wonderful look of grace and elegance wherever they are placed.