Among the flowering plant species that exist orchids or Orchidaceae is one such family. Orchid flowers are known for their blooms that are fragrant and colorful and belong to the orchid family. This family of flowering plants is known to be one of the largest families that exist in this category. There are about 28000 species found in this family, which span 763 genera. There is a debate on the members who belong to this flowering family as the species are in flux continually. The number of species in the orchid family equal bony fishes that can be found and is twice the population of bird species as well as four times the different mammal species kinds to be found.

The family includes different orchid plant species such as Orchis or Vanilla or species like Cattleya and Phalaenopsis that are commonly cultivated. There have been new tropical varieties that have been introduced since the 19th century, which include thousands of cultivars and hybrids produced by horticulturists.

The blogs here showcase the features and characteristics of orchids. They are known as apomorphies and have distinguishing features such as bilateral symmetry, modified petals, resupinate flowers, carpels and stamens that are fused and seeds that are very small in dimension. If you wish to explore more, there are several educational topics that are discussed here on orchids. If you wish to share something on the topic, do feel encouraged to do so. The blog topics here to help spread awareness of this plant species and the wondrous features they possess.