All You Need To Know About Growing Orchids

ByErica Pierce

All You Need To Know About Growing Orchids

Orchids are preferred by plant lovers for the beauty of the flowers and the lasting nature of the blooms. As they are costly plants it is necessary to know about how to grow them in a healthy way before you add them to your plant collection.

  •         Select the right variety

Different orchid plants will have different needs to grow healthy. The light, humidity, and temperature requirement are different and hence you need to select the orchid variety which will be able to survive in your weather conditions. Any person starting to grow orchid should look for varieties which are easy to grow and maintain. You also need to consider the blooming frequencies of the variety if you want orchid flowers regularly in your garden.

  •         Look for infections

Orchid plants are prone to diseases such as brown rot, black rot, yellowing of leaves etc. Watch the plants regularly for any change in the health of the plant. The infected plants should be isolated and should be treated. Excess exposure to sunlight will cause the leaves to turn yellowish.

  •         Use the right growing medium

Orchids do not require soil for their growth. They need an appropriate potting mixture. Bark and sphagnum moss are the most appropriate medium for growing orchids as they allow the air to move between the roots and to drain the water easily. Using regular soil will cause the roots to suffocate and eventually the plant will die. According to the growing medium selected water the orchids once in a week or once in two weeks. Moss has more water retaining capacity than bark.


  •         Feeding requirements

Orchids need very little fertilizer for healthy growth. Adding too much fertilizer can damage the plant. It is better to supply the orchid plant with a strong solution once in a week can ensure proper growth and flowering. The fertilizer should be applied after watering the plants. Applying fertilizers on dry roots can damage the plant. You need to use balanced fertilizer containing the essential elements needed by plants.

  •         Providing right temperature and light

Orchids are native to Asian countries which have a tropical climate. Hence, they need warm temperature and moderate sunlight for proper growth and producing beautiful blooms. Keep the orchid plants well hydrated when growing in warm areas. Keep the plants in areas which receive indirect sunlight throughout the day.

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