How To Buy An Orchid Plant?

ByErica Pierce

How To Buy An Orchid Plant?

If you are buying the orchid plants for the first time, you should try to get as much information as possible to identify the healthy plants. You need to know what type of orchids to look for and where to find them before starting the task of buying the orchid. Consider the environment which you will be able to provide to the plant and select the orchid variety accordingly. Buying orchids which are incompatible with the environmental conditions of your area will end up in a disaster.

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  •         Buy from experienced growers

The best place to find the orchid you need is to approach the orchid growers in your area or from reputable nurseries. It is better to find nurseries which specialize in growing orchids. There are online forums which can give the right guidance for growing the orchids. You can ensure the quality of the plant when you buy from reputed growers.

  •         Inspect the orchid plants

Take time to inspect the plants. Do not buy plants which are already in bloom. The blooms may be produced by excessive fertilizer application. Make sure that the roots of the plant are well established in the growing medium by shaking the plant near the base. The leaves of the orchid plant should be green and hard. Any significant discoloration and holes on the leaves indicate pest problems. Wrinkled leaves on the plant may indicate exposure of the plant to cold temperature or lack of proper watering. To ensure that new stems will grow from the plant, look for growth bulbs on the orchid plant. The growth bulbs should be healthy, hard and plump. My friend from Steele Carpet Cleaning found a beautiful orchid at Airdrie orchids and they were very helpful. Check them out if you’re in the Airdrie area.

The best choice will be the plant with some opened and some unopened flowers. Plants with flowers without spotting are healthy. Care should be taken to provide the same conditions as that of the space the orchids were growing when you take them to your home. The orchid plant will require some time to adapt to new conditions. Providing proper care during the adaptation period will help the plant to stay healthy.

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